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Our Services


Smart Home is a home system based on the Internet of things (IoT), sensors and services which can connect with household appliances through the communication network, and controlled and monitored remotely using mobile devices. The SMART Home gateway is used to connect various smart home appliances, and an IoT connection management platform is used to orchestrate multiple applications. 


Smart Workplace is a solution from Human-Centric Innovation which helps organizations adapt to work style evolution and transform workplaces from outdated Technology-Centric to “Human-Centric Workplace” of the future. Smart Workplace includes making Smart buildings, offices, and factories powered by IoT devices. These connected devices produce data, while can be leveraging to make informed decisions using analytics and machine learning (AI) to improve safety, productivity, security and also reduce costs and carbon footprints.


Many organizations are struggling to understand what IoT (Internet of things) actually is and how it can help their businesses. IoT can streamline processes, optimize work-flows and realize new revenues.

We can help organizations embrace IoT with the following IoT consultancy services:

·        IoT Strategy

·        IoT Workshops

·        Evaluating and recommending IoT products

·        Mobile applications -  both evaluation and creation